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My role is to provide advice and support to anyone who is thinking of setting up or who is already running a Russian language group, and to provide an opportunity for sharing experiences of being part of a U3a Russian group. I have been enthusiastic about learning Russian since my schooldays and, after a long gap, I have been delighted to take it up again in retirement.

The newsletters below contain some suggestions from group leaders about materials – both online and textbooks – and some links to websites.  I also include some information on cultural events that are coming up. I am always happy to receive contributions or questions.

I do not hold a comprehensive list of all the Russian groups within the U3a, but I am pleased to hear from anyone who is looking for a group to join.

Newsletter - November 2019

Newsletter - May 2019

U3A Russian Groups Newsletter February 2019 (135.81 KB)

Newsletter - May 2018

Newsletter - October 2017