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Hello, my name is Sue Fletcher and I live in Skipton in North Yorkshire. I (along with my hubby Andrew) have been metal detecting since early 2018 and soon became hooked! After a year, we decided we would like to share this fascinating hobby with others and 'tested the waters' by emailing our local U3A members to gauge the level of interest. We launched our new group in June 2019 and are thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

Having recently been through this experience, I am happy to offer advice and support to help new groups get started. There are quite a few aspects to consider:

There are lots of ways to undertake research - the internet and especially YouTube is invaluable. There are several monthly issued Metal Detecting magazines which make fascinating reading (hard copy and online).

We have also established a private Facebook group to facilitate communication for our members.

If you have already set up a Metal Detecting Group and any members are in the Craven (North Yorkshire) area e.g. on holiday, please feel free to contact me with a view to joining us on a dig.