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Running a quiz.

Quizzes are great fun, good for socialising, making new friends, exercising the little grey cells, competing for the glory of winning and the chance of a small prize.

Most people’s experience of quizzes is probably attending a traditional “pub quiz” type session where the presenter shouts out trivia questions, often having to repeat them, the hard of hearing struggle, teams swap answers for marking, arguments arise and the whole thing descends into a rowdy game.  Or maybe the players are given questions on sheets of paper to fill in, which can be pretty boring.

We can do better than that!

I run a monthly quiz for Madeley & District U3A, Staffordshire where the questions are displayed on a screen. This allows photos, images, animation and music clips to be incorporated, producing a much more stimulating and slicker presentation. Many of the questions are devised by personal research rather than lifted from a quiz book, newspaper or TV show which generally means a very interesting selection, sometimes locally based. We get the regular attendees to contribute rounds rather than just the quiz-master doing it all, which they find an enjoyable and chalenging experience.  The format is 5 rounds of 10 questions, with a meal break during which there is a separate round on paper to keep the punters occupied.  The running scores are displayed at the end of each round and it can get quite dramatic when the scores are close.

I have a file of these quizzes available on request, plus instructions on how to open and run them.  The attachments on this website give advice on formulating your own quizzes.