u3a - Pets of the Furred Age Update

Pets of the Furred Age Update

  • Published : 05 May 2021
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Members have been sending us their amazing photos and stories of their pets – whether mammals, birds, reptiles or fish. And we want to hear from more of you! Tell us any interesting facts about your pet and share a photo via our online form.

We have collated some of the stories and photos we've received so far of the amazing animals and the u3a members who love them. This month, we've chosen to highlight the dog entries - all of whom have amazing stories that we thought you would enjoy.


A small yorkie dog looking at the cameraLynne, Caterham u3a, sent us this great picture of Fred who is a thirteen and a half year old Yorkshire Terrier. Lynne tells us that yorkies need regular professional grooming. Their coats are very fine, can grow very long and can easily tangle. They can be feisty so Lynne wouldn’t dream of walking a Yorkie without his lead in case he took a dislike to another dog.

Yorkies are people dogs. Lynne always says that if she was burgled, Fred would more likely roll over to have his tummy tickled than protest. He’s very loving, very loyal and very cute - he wins a lot of hearts.


Fergie and Cookie

Two small dogs in a dog basketJoetta, Mawdesley u3a, has shared photos of Fergie and Cookie who are eight and eleven year old Yorkshire Terriers and were rescue dogs living in a car with their owner on the streets. Joetta recommends that rescue dogs need to be given space and time to hopefully come out of emotional and physical abuse scars.

Some will never bond again but still need someone to trust. Her rescues are just allowed to be themselves; no demands to perform.



Sweep and Mitzi

Two dogs on a blanket on the sofa Deirdre, Maidstone Invicta u3a, owns two-year-olds Sweep and Mitzi who are both Cavapoos. They need lots of mental stimulation after a long, tiring walk. Sweep loves to play ball and is great at catching them. Both are very quick learners and love to hunt for treats round the house.


DylanA black and white sheepadoodle sitting up and looking at the camera

Dylan, a 20 month old Sheepadoodle, belongs to Rachel, Keyworth u3a. He is three quarters old English sheep dog and one quarter standard poodle. Rachel recommends lots of grooming, plenty of play and a good healthy diet.

Dylan is a Darwin Dog who are dogs that are trained to help with mental health.




Dog in bed under duvet with a paw on the laptop

Andrew, Brecon u3a, has a two and a half year old Jack Russell called Lucy. Andrew’s tip is to make sure the dog knows who's in charge - he hasn't achieved this yet! Lucy is a very affectionate dog who likes plenty of attention and will always want to sit on you or alongside you on the chair. She is very playful and fun likes the company of other dogs and people. Lucy goes berserk if you blow up a balloon and will chase after it until she manages to pop it and she tries to do the same thing in the garden with a football.

Andrew had her about a year before lockdown which was good timing as it has been really good to have her at that time to keep him busy and amused.


 Woman feeding a skinny dog on the street Dog sat up looking at camera Dog sleeping in blanket holding a toy

Tara is a street dog, rescued by Denise from St Ives u3a who rescues dogs.

The first picture is the day Denise found her. Two years later, in the second and third pictures, she is healthy and happy and confident (well, mainly, apart from bunting and flags and tarpaulin) and gives Denise so much joy.

Denise took a special holiday following the death of her younger brother. On her way to the airport, coming home at the end of the holiday, they noticed Tara at the port.  Tara was a quivering wreck. Denise asked the taxi driver to wait as she bought some food for her. Whilst waiting for the flight home, Denise contacted animal rescue groups asking for help as she knew time was of the essence for her survival. Denise agreed to sponsor her until she got a home. Four months later, after struggles to find a permanent local home, Tara landed in Gatwick airport to her forever home with Denise.

If Tara and Denise can persuade even one person to adopt rather than shop, they would be so pleased! It is a myth that all abandoned or rescue dogs can be difficult. With patience and love and routine, they are so grateful and loving and become a forever friend.

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