u3a - Pets of the Furred Age Update 2

Pets of the Furred Age Update 2

  • Published : 04 June 2021
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We have had more wonderful photos and stories from members on their pets – mostly dogs and cats so far but we would like to hear about more unusual animals as well. Birds, reptiles or fish are all welcome! And we want to hear from more of you. Tell us any interesting facts about your pet and share a photo via our online form.

Here is a taste of some of the stories and photos we've received so far of the amazing animals and the u3a members who look after them.


Tabby cat lying on a sofa

Judith, a member of Trust u3a, sent us this lovely picture of Marcie who is a 7 year old domestic short haired tabby. Judith has invested in a Furminator which helps to reduce the amount of fur which ends up on the carpets. Marcie’s main pastime is sleeping.


Dog in a red santa hat and costume

Reggie is an 8 year old whippet owned by Jenny, Ferndown u3a. Reggie suffers from separation anxiety and Jenny has been gradually leaving him for short periods. He can now manage 2-3 hours on his own with the radio for company. Jenny has found that walking with friends and their dogs has helped him socialise - he gets on well with other dogs and loves a good chase with them!

Reggie has settled well and loves being with people. He will now go up to them and enjoys all the fuss he gets - it’s lovely to see his confidence develop and how they react to him. When COVID restrictions are lifted Jenny hopes he will be accepted by Caring Canines with a view to visiting Care Homes, his temperament is ideal.

This photo won a Christmas card competition with JR Whippet Rescue.


Cat sitting on bathroom cabinet

Five year old Misha is a Calico (Tortoiseshell and white) Cat and belongs to Valerie of Wantage and Grove u3a.

Sadly, Valerie’s much loved ginger companion for 12 years died last summer and her daughter in law found Misha at the Thames Valley Animal Welfare, a charity specialising in unwanted cats.

Misha was found abandoned and suffering from FIV, the feline equivalent of HIV. She is otherwise healthy, lively, very affectionate and very mischievous, no threat to Valerie, but needs to be kept away from other cats.

She lives indoors very happily and makes good use of a multitude of toys, Valerie’s lap and bed, but she also has free access to an outside run from where she can enjoy the sounds, sights and smells of the garden whilst remaining safe. Misha makes Valerie laugh out loud several times a day and has made the last lockdown year happier than Valerie might ever have expected.


black cat reaching out towards camera with paw

Patricia, Sutton u3a, owns three and a half year old Bagheera who was rescued after being lost and found locked in a garage, by which time his owners had moved away and out of the country. He was barely alive and is now a gentle, beautiful, boy who loves his home. He gets whatever he asks for: food, water, cuddles, grooming, warmth and attention. His main talents are being handsome and loveable.


dog sitting on grass

Jasper is an Australian Kelpie who was rehomed from the RSPCA 4 years ago, and belongs to Andy of Carlton & Gedling u3a. They enjoy three walks a day with the main walk being about an hour and a half in the local park. He goes up to everybody sitting on a bench in the park so that they can stroke him. He will happily lie down and watch the birds in the park - even the swans accept him.

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