u3a - Pets of the Furred Age Update 3

Pets of the Furred Age Update 3

  • Published : 20 July 2021
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It has been so lovely to receive the many photos and stories of members' pets and to hear about how animals have kept people company during lockdown and continue to do so.

Please do encourage your friends within u3a to share their stories with us, or tell us any interesting facts about your pet and share a photo via our online form.


A close up of a cockapoo

Ruth is the proud owner of Kodi who is an 11-year-old cockapoo. As a volunteer for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Ruth had dogs in training to stay with her on a B&B basis which introduced them to the idea of having a dog of their own. Kodi was one of their puppies but was withdrawn from training at the age of nine months and Ruth was  lucky enough to be able to adopt her.

She has changed Ruth’s life for ever as a constant companion and best friend. Ruth has been amazed at how easy it is to strike up a friendly conversation with other dog owners whilst out walking and has made some wonderful friends via the u3a dog walking group.

A healthy diet, daily exercise and regular grooming are all essentials as well as playing games and lots of love.

Cockapoos are very loving, friendly dogs and enjoy being with people. They like being out and about but are happy with a lazy day at home too. Their coats don't shed so that's a bonus and also makes them a good choice for people with allergies.


photo of a tabby cat with a white marking on her nose staring at the camera

Benny was a British long hair cat who belonged to Hawa from Trust u3a. He was neglected and starving and in need of urgent medical care when he came to Hawa, as he had extremely high thyroids and very bad dental problems. But sadly, he had oral cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) under his tongue which was diagnosed in January. Hawa gave him palliative care for about 4 months before he was put to sleep.

Hawa gave him a lot of love, care and attention and says that ‘he was a big part of my life. I miss him so much, but l know he is at peace’. Hawa recommends brushing your cat as the best way to bond.


cat sat in a big blue bag outside

Lollipop is a 9 year old tabby cat owned by Marjorie, Newcastle upon Tyne u3a. He was an unwanted pet handed over to Cats Protection in Gateshead and Marjorie was chosen as his new family as she has no other pets.......this was for his benefit not Marjorie’s!

At the moment his talent is for hiding, for being inside places, like this gardening bag.


A black dog standing on a river bank

Sylvie from Plymouth u3a owns Jessie who is a 13-year-old Labrador/Border Collie. Jessie doesn't like dogs with long legs, e.g., greyhounds and whippets. Sylvie found Jessie at an animal rescue centre.

Rover, Riva and Tiger

Two dogs and a cat all sleeping under a table

Rover and Riva are the dogs in the photo and Tiger is the cat. They have all sadly passed away. All were rescue animals from the Dogs Trust and Cat Protection so Paula, Yeovil u3a, who was their owner, is not sure what their pedigree was.


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