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Why do I have the temerity to take up the role of National Subject Adviser on Pétanque? I have been an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of the sport for nearly 30 years and I felt that I should make my experience available to U3A and joined Malmesbury and District when it was formed in 2014.

I set up a Pétanque club in my home village when I first started playing and, within a short period, I found myself on the Regional Committee of the then British Pétanque Association where I progressed to Regional President. In due course I became National Vice-President where I gained some experience, as Head of the UK Delegation, in several International competitions, which resulted in me being elected as President of the annual International North Sea Pétanque Tournament from 2004 to 2008.

Currently, I am the Regional Coach for the Great Western Region of the English Pétanque Association and I also organise a league of 48 teams for the local District of Rotary, as well as leading the Pétanque Group of Malmesbury U3A.

I am always willing to give advice and guidance and I welcome your questions as material for the Questions and Answers page.